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Invoke Strike is a trading card game currently in development by NanoHub Studios. The game's core mechanics share likeness to Pokemon TCG, Force of Will, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering. Players work alongside a head mage of their choosing, as they invoke powerful spells and monsters to defeat their foes in a crumbling, dying multiverse. The game's expected launch date is Winter 2018.

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Scattered across the multiverse are various realms, each dedicated to a specific element of magicks. Each realm is housed by a head mage, a master of their craft that acts as the pinnacle for that element. As with all manners of magic, the user is limited only to how much essence they possess. As a solution to this, codex crystals were forged to allow for unlimited generation of elemental essence, allowing mages of all levels to use magic as they please. But in hindsight, they didn't forsee what was about to happen.

For reasons yet discovered, each codex crystal in the multiverse shattered. The aftermath was so catastrophic that it started to fracture the stability of the realms. With their worlds slowly falling apart, the result could only be one thing, the one thing to help keep their own realms alive: war.

Now join the fight alongside your own dedicated head mage, and help prove your superiority by using your remaining source of essence to invoke powerful spells, monsters, and artifacts to take down your foe and help rebuild the broken realms.


Elements represent the different types of magic in the multiverse. Each element excels in certain areas, while suffering in others; essentially, each element has stuff it's good and bad with. What element a player chooses varies depends on how the player enjoys playing. For example, a player that enjoys dealing out damage quickly would fair well with Fire, meanwhile a player that likes drawing cards and sending cards to a player's hand would do well with Water cards. Listed below are the elements currently in the game of Invoke Strike. If you wish to learn more about a specific element, or want to see a list of cards for that element, just click one of the following elements below:

News & Updates

  • Core set is slowly being uploaded and added to the wiki.
  • 2 sets are already confirmed for post-launch and will feature a darker tone in context.

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