The Head Mage card type is the most important card for anyone who wants to start playing Invoke Strike. A head mage acts as your leader, and designates what element of invocations you can use. Head mages are equipped with a variety of powerful abilities and skills, which can be used to turn the tide of battle.

Each element is home to at least one high mage, who acts as the pinnacle of that element class:

  • High Mage of Astral: Arabella Emrys
  • High Mage of Fire: Kaida Ashbel
  • High Mage of Darnkess: Marah Sephtis
  • High Mage of Water: Quinn Rainer
  • High Mage of Light: Luna Aldris
  • High Mage of Nature: Elred Velrek
  • High Mage of Ice: Miyuki Nerah


  • Each element in the game has at least 1 primary head mage, which acts as the poster mage for each element.
  • Head Mages reside on the warzone above your archive.
  • Head Mages cannot be dissipated, but they can be discharged and overexerted.
  • Head Mages with multiple elements are often times encouraged above single element, as cards in a deck must share only one element your head mage possesses.  This helps improve the variety of spells in a deck.


Infusion is the act of discharging or overexerting your head mage to invoke a vessel onto the warzone. This occurs during the Infuse Phase. A player may opt to do one of the following, or keep their head mage stimulated:

  • Discharge their head mage to add 1 vessel from their vessel archive to the warzone.
  • Overexert their head mage to add 2 vessels from their vessel archive to the warzone.

During a player's Infuse Phase, if there is no vessels in their vessel archive, they MUST overexert their head mage, or else they receive a decay counter.

Hyperial Skill

Each head mage possesses a hyperial skill, an ultimate skill that can help turn the tide of battle. It is important to note, however, that hyperial skills can only be used ONCE during each duel. In order to use a hyperial skill, you MUST overexert your head mage.

List of Head Mages

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