The Glossary is where players can see definitions and explanations of game terminology, as well as card rulings and modifiers. You can also use the following letters listed to navigate to the first term of the chosen letter:

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Abdicate is when a player sends the target to their own archive willingly.  This is often seen as the same as dissipation, however the term is unique as abdication triggers certain invocations and abilities.


The Archive is a player's deck.  A standard archive has 60 cards with a maximum of 3 copies of the same card.  If a player's Archive has no more cards and they are prompted to draw, that player loses the game.


Stimulate is a status of an invocation or vessel that means the card is available for use.  Summons that are stimulated can discharge to use a skill.  As long as a player controls a stimulated summon, other summons cannot attack that player unless stated otherwise by an effect or combat modifier.



Flight is a combat modifer that affects if a player can attack an opponent directly.  As long as the targetted player does not possess a summon with Lock-On or Flight, a summon with Flight can target a player directly, even if they have a stimulated summon.  Likewise, a summon with Flight can only be targetted with skills by summons with Flight or Lock-on.  The exception for this is if the summon with Flight is discharged.

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