If you are reading this, chances are you are eager to get started on the road to invoker glory! This page will introduce you to the basics of the game, including key terms, turn explanations, and the basics on how to get started.

What You Need

Before you start playing Invoke Strike, your going to need the following components. The easiest way to obtain these is by purchasing a Starter Deck:

  • 60 Card Deck
  • A Head Mage
  • 20 Vessels


  • Dice
  • Counters
  • Coin

Setting Up

  • Place your cards in their respective areas. Archive on the left, head mage above your archive. Vessel archive to your right. Reference to the playmat attached to the right for specific card locations.
  • Decide who goes first; this can be done in a variety of ways. Some examples include "Rock Paper Scissors", flipping a coin, rolling a dice, etc.
  • Each player draws 7 cards.
  • Set both player's life totals to 20.
  • Before starting, players may choose to send any number of cards from their hand to the bottom of their archive and draw that many. This is referred to as Mulligan. Players may choose to Mulligan once for free. Each time they Mulligan after the first, your opponent draws a card.


  • Reduce your opponent's life to 0.
  • Make your opponent accumulate 20 decay counters.
  • A player loses if they can't draw when prompted.

Turn Phases

  • Stimulate Phase
  • Infuse Phase
  • Draw Phase
  • Rally Phase
  • Main Phase
  • End Phase

Stimulate Phase

The Stimulate Phase is the first phase of a player's turn. During this phase, the player stimulates all of their cards on the warzone, unless stated otherwise. Stimulate is represented by turning your cards, facing forward towards your opponent. Players may cast skills with reflex or hexes during this phase.

Infuse Phase

The next phase is the Infuse Phase. During this phase, players have the option to discharge or overexert their head mage to put vessels into play. If the player discharges their head mage, they put 1 vessel from the top of their vessel archive on the warzone. If they overexert their head mage, they put 2 vessels from the top of their vessel archive on the warzone instead. Players may choose to leave their head mage stimulated and not put vessels into play for no punishment.

However, during your Infuse Phase, if you have no more vessels in your vessel archive, you MUST overexert your head mage, otherwise you gain a decay counter. Players may NOT cast skills with reflex or hexes during this phase.

Draw Phase

During the Draw Phase, the player draws a card from his or her archive. Players may cast skills with reflex or hexes during this phase.

Rally Phase

The Rally Phase is where all "At the beginning of your turn" effects trigger. Players may cast skills with reflex or hexes during this phase.

Main Phase

The Main Phase is where the bulk of the game occurs. During this Phase, the player can invoke summons and other invocations by paying the invoke cost. Summons are invoked by expelling vessels based on their summon rank. Invocations have their invoke cost symbolized in the top right segment of the card. Players can inscribe any number of summons on any summons they control during their turn, but they can only invoke 1 summon per turn. Players can also inscribe a copy of a charm onto an existing one by expelling vessels equal to the number of copies of that card currently in play (ex: Inscribing a 2nd copy of Falls of Agony requires the invoke cost and to expel 1 vessel).


The stockpile acts as a reservoir for invocations and abilities. As abilities and invocations are cast, they are placed in the stockpile. Each time an invocation or effect is activated, it enters the stockpile and each player clockwise has an opportunity to respond with a hex or ability that has Reflex. If no players can respond to the last card on the stockpile, the effects trigger, starting with the last card placed in the stockpile. Examples are given below:

  • Player A casts Tide Missile to revoke their Kobold Rioter before it dies. In response, Player B casts Soul Revoke. Players A and B cannot cast anything in response, so Soul Revoke would dissipate Kobold Rioter before it is revoked by Tide Missile. The result will fizzle Tide Missile.

End Phase

The end phase is where "end of turn" effects trigger. Players may cast skills with reflex or hexes during this phase.

Building A Deck

Building a deck is the best way to forge a deck more suited to your play style. However, before you start building a deck, there are a few crucial rules that must apply. In order for a deck to be legal for standard gameplay, they must follow these guidelines:

  • 60 cards in the main deck, a head mage, and 20 vessels in the vessel archive.
  • Summons must share at least one element with the head mage (ex: A Naranian Bibliosoph can be used in a deck that uses Melanie Edlen as their head mage, but Armageddon Wave cannot be used)
  • Other invocations must share at least one element from their invoke cost with the head mage (ex: Condoning Closure can go in a Darkness deck. Altar of Abdication can go in any deck, since it's invoke cost is 2 generic, even though it's element type is Darkness)
  • Players may only have 3 copies of a card in a deck, except for vessels.

If there are any questions or concerns about deck construction, or you want to see some deck guides, click here or post a comment down below.

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