The Core Set is the first set of Invoke Strike, and acts as an introductory to the game. In it's entirety, the core set starts off the franchise with a total of 500 cards, including a wide variety of card types.


  • The Core Set originally was planned to have 300 cards only, but in order to expand the variety of card options for the intro set, the card total was increased to 500.
  • All 8 elements will be present in the core set.
  • This set includes the 8 High Head Mages: Kaida Ashbel, Marah Sephtis, Jesibel Lumen, Miyuki Nerah, Melanie Edlen, Luna Aldris, Arabella Emrys, and Elred Velrek.

Set Contents

The Core Set includes the following:

  •  ??? Head Mages
  •  ??? Summons
  •  ??? Incantations
  •  ??? Charms
  •  ??? Hexes
  •  ??? Trinkets
  •  ??? Spellbinds
  •  ??? Vessels

Each booster pack contains 9 cards per pack:

  • 6 cards ranging in rarity
  • 3 vessels

Although a head mage isn't guaranteed in a booster pack, it is possible to find one among the 6 random cards in a booster pack. For players who are seeking a head mage, a starter deck would be the best option.

Card List


Card Type



Bionomics Incantation Nature Common
Kaida Ashbel, Tarragon Commander Head Mage Fire Rare
Ember Bomb Hex Fire Common
Verdant Crusader

Basic Summon

Fire / Nature Common
Condoning Closure Hex Darkness / Light N/A
Decadent Atlas Trinket Nature / Water N/A
Dementia Jinx Charm Darkness / Water N/A
Libitina, Siren of Festering Decay Mythic Summon Darkness / Nature N/A
Neoteric Virago Basic Summon Darkness / Nature N/A
Oasis Angel Basic Summon Nature / Water N/A

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