Submitted By NanoHeart
Elements Darkness / Water
Last Updated Feb 21, 2017
Sets Core Set
Keywords Siphon, Cerkovian

The mantra of the Cerkoivan cult is to make one's opponent suffer.  To conquer a foe is to conquer one's mind.  This deck emphasizes on that, utilizing the magic of the Cerkovian cult to mentally destroy your foes.  Use a combination of Siphon spells and summons with Channel to dwindle your opponent's archive to nothing.

Card List

Head Mage

Lamia Sitala, Memory Weaver

Quantity Card Name
3 Cerkovian Tempest
3 Dementia Jinx
3 Nethergate
2 Scorpio, Celestial Marauder
2 Vexation of Misery
3 Psycosis Drain
3 Eradication
3 Dismal Act of the Marionette
3 Hydrophobia
3 Isoteric Prism
3 Abstraction Vapor
2 Memory Abrasion
2 Memory Renewal
3 Mutilation
3 Replication Rites
2 Desecrated Altar of Dhumuvati
3 Decadent Atlas
3 Condoning Closure
2 Hydroic Shinobi
2 Ambitious Tuition
2 Shirina Kharis, Siphon Queen
3 Altar of Abdication
2 Polarity Grid

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