Nature is one of the 8 elements in the multiverse of Invoke Strike. Nature boasts unmatched essence production, as well as various methods to buff friendly summons. When playing nature, be cautious, but not too passive. A lot of the success with nature relies on snowballing and getting an essence ramp.

Total Cards -
Head Mages -
High Mage Kaida Ashbel, Tarragon Commander
Starter Decks Custom Decks

Nature Head Mages

Card Name Elements Set
Alea Gilwynn, Eysian Valkyrie Light / Nature Core Set
Luneth Morana, Gorgon Empress Darkness / Nature Core Set

Card List

Card Name Elements Card Type Set
Aether Infusion Light / Nature Incantation Core Set
Ahsh Isles Catacombs Darkness / Nature Vessel Core Set
Ancestral Purity Light / Nature Hex Core Set
Arachnic Ploy Nature Spellbind Summon Core Set
Carcinogenic Duel Darkness / Nature Hex Core Set
Damu, Voice of Revival Light / Nature Mythic Summon ~ Elemental Core Set
Decadent Atlas Nature / Water Trinket Core Set
Decaying Hope Darkness / Nature Incantation Core Set
Draznul Channel Fire / Nature Vessel Core Set
Elderweave Armor Light / Nature Spellbind Summon Core Set
Eysian Caretaker Light / Nature Basic Summon ~ Elf Core Set
Eysian Sanctorium Light / Nature Vessel Core Set
Gorgonic Iris Darkness / Nature Trinket Core Set
Grimsly Petrification Darkness / Nature Spellbind Summon Core Set
Libitina, Siren of Festering Decay Darkness / Nature Mythic Summon ~ Spirit Core Set
Macrocosm Codex Nature Trinket Core Set
Neoteric Virago Darkness / Nature Basic Summon ~ Gorgon Core Set
Neurotoxic Arthropod Nature Basic Summon ~ Human Spider Core Set
Oasis Angel Nature / Water Basic Summon ~ Angel Core Set
Progressive Learning Nature Charm Core Set
Symphonic Sprite Nature Basic Summon ~ Fairy Core Set
Synthetic Will Light / Nature Charm Core Set
Verdant Crusader Fire / Nature Basic Summon ~ Human Core Set

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