Fire is one of the 8 elements within the multiverse of Invoke Strike.  Boasting a raw sense for power and destruction, fire users benefit mostly on fast-paced action and burn spells.  This, unfortunately, can often lead them into undesirable situations; even putting themselves in danger.

Total Cards -
Head Mages -
High Mage Kaida Ashbel, Tarragon Commander
Starter Decks Custom Decks

Fire Head Mages

Card Name Elements Set
Kaida Ashbel, Tarragon Commander Fire Core Set
Elizabeth Tovah, Scourge of the Sea Fire / Water Core Set

Card List

Card Name Elements Card Type Set
Adara Edlin, Pyro Streamer Fire / Water Mythic Familiar [Fairy] Core Set
Aether War Fire / Water Incantation Core Set
Amplification Brand Fire Charm Core Set
Arcane Wit Fire / Water Charm Core Set
Armageddon Scourge Darkness / Fire Hex Core Set
Battle Rally Fire Incantation Core Set
Blaze Rain Fire Incantation Core Set
Brazen Knowledge Fire Incantation Core Set
Call to Arms Fire Hex Core Set
Cancer, Celestial Tormentor Fire / Water Deitic Summon ~ Zodiac Core Set
Dissipation Flare Fire Incantation Core Set
Draznul Channel Fire / Nature Vessel Core Set
Ember Bomb Fire Hex Core Set
Falls of Agony Fire Charm Core Set
Ghastly Semblance Fire Spellbind Summon Core Set
Immolation Fire Incantation Core Set
Infernal Lunatic Fire Elite Summon ~ Human Core Set
Kinovale Steamworks Fire / Water Vessel Core Set
Kobold Rioter Fire Basic Summon ~ Goblin Core Set
Lethis Grotto Darkness / Fire Vessel Core Set
Steeled Resolve Fire / Light Hex Core Set
Verdant Crusader Fire / Nature Basic Summon ~ Human Core Set
Wistful Knowledge Fire / Water Incantation Core Set

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