Within the game of Invoke Strike, there are a variety of different card types. Card types designate how a card can be played, as well as what effects and abilities it contains.

Head Mage

File:Kaida Ashbel, Tarragon Commander.jpg
A Head Mage is a powerful magic user in the multiverse of Invoke Strike and acts as the leader for a player's deck.
  • Head Mages are placed right above the player's Archive.
  • A Head Mage designates what elements a player has in their deck.  Cards within the deck must share at least one element with their head mage.
  • During a player's Infuse Phase, a player can choose to discharge or overexert their head mage to put vessels into play.
  • Even though Head Mages cannot be dissipated, they can still be discharged and affected by status ailments.

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